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Canadas wait times and the economy

In 2007 it cost Canada's economy $14.8 billion for medical wait times to have patients waiting longer than necessary for medical procedures.This analysis was commissioned for the Canadian Medical A... Read article

Neurology wait time is now up to 4.5 years

The Neurology wait times are now over 4 years in Ontario.Dr. Joy Hataley , a family practice anesthetist in Kingston, Ont. got a letter from the Kingston General Hospital telling her the new wait t... Read article

Toddler quoted 1+ year wait time for 15 minute surgery

The mother of a 2 year old girl is learning fast how bad the wait times in Canada are.Diagnosed with Down Syndrom, Pamela De Almeidas daughter Sofia has more challenges than most 2 year olds. ... Read article

After Jack Webb's passing, Halifax rewrites wait-time rules

After the segment of the treatment of Jack Webb emerged in April, a Nova Scotia hospital has re-written their wait-time rules and end of life protocols. Read article

Answers for your medical tourism questions

What exactly is "Medical Tourism"?Medical Tourism - also referred to as Medical Travel - is defined as going somewhere other than your home State/ Province or Country to receive medical care. ... Read article

IVF Vacations

According to the Disease Control and Prevention, about 10% of women are unable to get pregnant in the USA. That equates to a whopping 6.1 million women that cannot conceive traditionally.... Read article

GOP healthcare bill a no-go

It was a devastating blow to President Donald Trump and the GOP lawmakers to find their last-ditch effort to deliver on their years-long campaign promise has fallen through. The senate will no... Read article

Axelrod: A personal story

Axelrod recalls the emotional time the Affordable Care Act was passed and why, that day, he wept. He left the celebration with feelings welling inside of him, feelings only someone that has experie... Read article

Republicans work behind closed doors to advance Graham-Cassidy bill

The senate is out until next week - The week they are supposed to vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill, and it all comes down to McCain and Murkowski. Both have a lot of concerns, but neither have shut... Read article

India: New medical tourism policy

As of June 21st, 2017 The NDA government rolled out a new medical tourism policy. The policy states that all hospitals and wellness centers have to register with the ministry's website and also mak... Read article

Senate Republicans throw another health care Hail Mary

The effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act died on the floor when the republicans couldn't get 51 votes to simply ask the committee healthcare policy questions.The GOP only has until ... Read article

New treatment for stroke patients

After a bad stroke, Judy Slater had fallen and couldn't get back up. It had caused paralysis of her whole left side. With time Judy was able to walk, but in the 2 years of recovery her left ar... Read article

How medical tourism could save medicare

Wait times for surgery - with no surprise - are lengthening in Canada forcing more patients to seek private healthcare outside of the country. This is not due to a shortage of surgeons, but la... Read article

Travelling with a medical condition

Travelling for healthcare in the USA from Canada can be an easy endeavor, admittedly easier than anywhere else. We are the most peaceful border in the world, with similar  laws and outloo... Read article

More alcohol than heart attack related hospital admissions in 2016

In a recent study, there were 77,000 hospital admissions in Canada that were 100 percent  caused by the harmful consumption of alcohol. Included are alcohol poisoning, alcohol withdrawal, and ... Read article

New bill to dismantle Obamacare and cut medicaid

The republicans hid their health care bill for weeks in hopes of winning over their colleagues, but instead aggravated democrats and many republicans. The clock is ticking with only a handful ... Read article

Senate finally unveils secret health care bill

On Thursday the 142 page Senate health care bill finally became public. After concealing it fully until today it is revealed that the bill would repeal Obamacare's individual mandate, drastica... Read article

INDIANAPOLIS – The financial counselor will see you now.

Have you been hit with one of life's medical illnesses? Are you not sure how you're going to pay for it? You're in the same boat as many others. When diagnosed with an illness, one in America ... Read article

8000 Canadians implanted with defective defibrillators

A class action law suit was filed after two people died from defective defibrillators. 400,000 patients world-wide, 8000 which are Canadian were implanted with the same brand of de... Read article

Sick of wait times in Canada?

Fed up with waiting for an appointment with a specialist? Frustrated by the lack of access to advanced technologies and treatments you’ve seen in the news but can’t seem to get in Canada? Unnerved ... Read article