What happens after I submit a treatment request?

When you submit a request for a quote on medical treatment, it is automatically sent to all of our subscriber healthcare providers who provide the type of treatment you are requesting. They have the opportunity to “bid” on your requested treatment. Typically, the healthcare provider will submit a detailed definition of the procedure or treatment as well as a price quote for the treatment in question. You are notified by email each time a provider bids on your treatment request. When you open up the bid, you are provided with a link to the provider’s website where you can view their detailed facility information.

What if I require more information from the healthcare provider?

You are asked to engage directly with the healthcare provider (usually via email with a designated person) if you are interested in exploring treatment with them. Feel free to ask the healthcare provider as many questions as you require in order to feel comfortable with the services they are offering. They may also ask you for further details regarding your medical situation.

How do I respond to a healthcare provider’s bid?

The option is yours to choose whether you want to further engage with the healthcare provider. You are provided with an email contact of the healthcare provider and can directly email that person to discuss additional information that you’d like to receive from them.

What medical information must I provide in my treatment request?

Generally, at the outset of your request you provide general information regarding your condition and the type of treatment that you are seeking. More detailed information may be requested from you later by the “bidding” healthcare provider....but only after/if you have voluntarily engaged with them.

How is my personal information safeguarded?

When you submit your request, you do not submit any personal identifying information. As such, there is no initial exchange of personal information on’s website. Once you engage with the prospective healthcare provider offsite (that is, if you decide to), then that healthcare provider is charged with safeguarding any personal or medical information which you choose to convey to them. Definitely ask the provider what their policies are in regard to keeping personal and medical information private.

Do I have to respond to a bid on my treatment request?

No. Any decision regarding whether you engage with the bidding healthcare provider is yours and yours alone.

Should I advise my home-base doctor about my request for potential abroad medical treatment?

That decision is entirely yours. However, as you move through the process of arranging medical treatment abroad, almost certainly the chosen international healthcare provider will want some of your medical records from your home-base doctor. We have found that many doctors take absolutely no offence when their patients look at all of their options, including treatment in another country...after all, doctors are here to help people and if the best help you can get is elsewhere, why would they oppose it?

How do I pay for treatment?

That is to be arranged between you and the international healthcare provider. Most have a variety of payment options for patients, including wire transfer, credit card payment, installments, etc. Make sure to ask about payment terms and obligations before you decide upon treatment with the healthcare provider so there are no surprises!

Does receive a fee for the procedures that are provided?

No. derives all of its revenues from healthcare providers’ subscription fees to our site. We receive NO percentage of your treatment fee. This helps keep your treatment costs down and ensures that has no incentive to favor one treatment provider over another.

Once I get back to my home-base post-treatment, how does my followup care work?

This is arranged between your international healthcare provider, yourself, and potentially your home-base doctor. Aftercare is typically built into your treatment plan. However, we encourage you to ask the healthcare provider about the aftercare plan so that you know well in advance what is involved.